Automotive Control Systems

S&T Systems was commissioned to develop and implement a “No Fault Forward” closed loop process to control the repair and certification of traceable and safety critical fasteners for an automotive seat manufacturer. Our customer needed to demonstrate how it was able to control its rework process in order to achieve and retain its TS16949 certification, a mandatory requirement when supplying components to OEMs within the tier 1 automotive sector.

The challenging brief required undisputable proof that the fastened joints were correctly controlled by high precision electric DC tooling and that the logging of individual barcoded component serial numbers for the vehicle safety components, such as airbags, were successfully passed into the customer’s host database for the vehicle manufacturer.

Through collaboration with the skilled seat manufacturers, S&T Systems was able to design a brand new system that maintained the necessary controls without impacting the efficiency of the production department. By using touch screen technology and linking into the customer’s host system it was possible to create a closed loop that ensured the seat could not be released from the rework fixture without evidence of the joint fastening for both torque and angle. The system was also linked to the downstream delivery conveyor, which was configured to prevent a seat with missing data from being loaded onto the delivery pallet. Ultimately, this mean that an incorrectly controlled product could not be delivered to the OEM.

So effective was the new facility designed by S&T Systems that it was highly commended when audited. The core principles were established as Best In Class and duplicated across many of the customer’s European divisions.

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