Crime Prevention

S&T Systems leads the way in the development of powerful and effective crime prevention technology. Using our extensive capabilities in R&D, we are committed to identifying new solutions to aid crime reduction.

We work closely with leading crime prevention authorities and organisations, including SmartWater and Concept Smoke Screen, to pioneer cutting-edge forensic technology and intelligent deployment techniques that enable police on the front-line to secure successful prosecutions.

S&T Systems is the appointed UK service partner for Strongpoint. Formerly known as SQS Security Qube Systems, StrongPoint Cash Security provides solutions for secure cash logistics. This offering focuses on innovative IBNS (Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System) technology that protects valuables without the need for weapons or expensive armoured transport. StrongPoint Cash Security operates in over twenty countries and has partnerships with the world’s leading cash logistics companies, including Loomis, G4S and Brinks.

Strongpoint selected S&T Systems to support UK customers due to its strong technical expertise and knowledge of IBNS combined with a proven track record for delivering outstanding customer care.

The various elements of the StrongPoint system can be used as stand-alone products or combined to form a complete solution for the transportation and protection of valuables and ATMs during replenishment or servicing.

To learn more about StrongPoint’s extensive range of products and solutions, please click here or contact S&T Systems for further information.

  • Internal theft detection
  • Covert CCTV systems
  • Covert tracking systems
  • Sting devices
  • Property marking solutions
  • Security smoke systems

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