S&T Systems is an award-winning organisation, excelling in the field of innovation.

FBW Success Through Innovation Award 2015

S&T Systems was awarded the Success Through Innovation Award at the Flintshire Business Week Awards 2015. The award, sponsored by Glyndwr University, recognises the company’s commitment to innovation in crime prevention and celebrates its development of the remote activation of a forensic product that can irrefutably link an attacker to a crime scene. Over the counter thefts have increased over the last few years and to combat these attacks, S&T Systems pioneered a method of identifying the criminals that will help police secure successful convictions.

Commenting on the company’s success at the Flintshire Business Week Awards, Simon Thelwell, Director of S&T Systems, said: “We were all absolutely delighted to have been recognised again at the FBW Awards 2015. Innovation is at the heart of S&T Systems and we are continually engaged in research and development. Our work in the security sector is particularly interesting and valuable; our solutions are helping to prevent criminal attacks, which has a direct impact on the general public’s wellbeing and safety. This award recognises the extensive capabilities of our talented engineers, of whom we are very proud.”

FBW Innovation & Creativity Award 2013

S&T Systems won the Innovation & Creativity Award at the Flintshire Business Week Awards 2013. The winner of the award was required to have developed an innovative new product that had commercial relevance and could deliver tangible benefits to the user. S&T Systems had pioneered the Aero Mini Seal, an automatic resin applicator, for use in the maintenance of the Hawker aircraft fleet.

The Aero Mini Seal is a portable sealing machine that applies sealant to the bottom skin of the aircraft’s wing. Using a bespoke nozzle, the machine injects the right amount of sealant directly into the base of a component to deliver a consistently high quality finish time and again. This innovation has assisted Hawker to reduce its processing time by 70% and achieve its environmental objective of cutting sealant waste by 50%, whilst driving LEAN manufacturing at its facility.

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