Innovation is at the heart of S&T Systems and Research and Development is an integral aspect of our entire service offering. We are committed to identifying and pioneering the very best solutions that drive performance, enhance safety and meet the varied and complex challenges experienced by our customers.

Ground-Breaking Innovations

We regularly collaborate with other organisations to design and implement ground-breaking innovations. Our strong links within the security and crime prevention sectors have seen us develop effective deployment techniques of forensic products that are helping to combat criminal attacks on financial institutions and public services. We are also collaborating with the world-leading Science & Technology Facilities Council on a number of projects that are contributing towards building a globally competitive, knowledge-based UK economy.

Extensive Knowledge

Our highly skilled electrical engineers regularly participate in a wide variety of R&D projects that involve the design, manufacture and testing of complex electrical systems. We apply our extensive knowledge and advanced manufacturing techniques to develop reliable, performance-driven solutions that can be affordably adopted by our customers operating across multiple sectors.

Inspiring Next Generation Engineers

S&T Systems is currently supporting a number of apprentices and undergraduate Electrical Engineering students who are studying at local colleges and universities. By sharing technical knowledge, industry best practices, a wealth of practical expertise¬†and a passion for research and development, the company’s directors hope to inspire a new generation of electrical engineers. Through a series of structured workshops, students are being encouraged to explore emerging technologies and pioneer performance enhancing innovations whilst gaining valuable industry insight and recognised qualifications.

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