We deliver high quality, turnkey electrical services to companies operating in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, commercial, aerospace, automotive and security sectors across the UK. Customers can benefit from our standalone functions or combine our services to create an integrated solution that delivers comprehensive, safe and affordable electrical support.


Using the latest technologies, we design high quality electrical installation schematics, control panels,
automation systems and security solutions to suit the exact specifications of your project.


We support your organisation by carrying out extensive electrical testing, assessments and certifications to ensure your equipment and machinery comply with the latest operational standards and relevant industry regulations.


We expertly develop technologically advanced control panels and automation systems, manufactured to the highest standards and rigorously tested and inspected to provide our full assurance of quality and performance.


Our fully qualified and highly experienced electrical engineers provide a comprehensive range of electrical maintenance services that optimise your operational performance whilst minimising disruption and downtime.


Our competitive service allows companies large or small to outsource the necessary expertise to develop appropriate project planning, documentation, testing, validation and certification.


We have the in-house resources and capabilities to install a vast range of electrical systems and services that comply with the latest IEE Regulations, Electricity At Work Act and all current UK and European legislation.


Whether we are researching the latest advancements in electrical engineering or collaborating with the UK’s leading engineers and scientists, we pioneer innovative solutions to the most complex challenges.

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